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Who am I?



MSc. Health Psychology

(Radboud University, 2014)

eHealth: Combining Psychology, Technology and Health (University of Twente, 2018)

Foundations of Positive Psychology

(University of Pennsylvania, 2019)

Aloha! As I’m going to be the one guiding you through your journey, I figured it’s convenient to tell you more about myself. After graduating in Health Psychology at Radboud University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands), I worked as a psychologist for a couple of years in a traditional office setting. I realised pretty quickly I needed more freedom and flexibility to combine creativity, technology, knowledge and experience to do my work better. For example, I was surprised to see how little was done with technological innovations in the field of mental health, such as the use of e-health while so many clients were put on a waiting list.

Furthermore, I felt I was only helping my clients to deal with their psychological problems, without any focus on prevention. I was wondering, are there ways we can promote and increase mental health and wellbeing instead? Maybe it’s possible to be ahead of mental illness by simply tapping onto our personality strengths, resilience or changing our thinking style. This is when my interest in positive psychology began and I started doing my research about this relatively new area. Now, I would love to share my insights and experience to help others reshape their way of thinking, feeling and doing. 

As an online psychologist, life coach and blogger, I support my clients to invest in themselves, raise their standards, be the authentic and powerful version of themselves and manifest their dream life. 

What is Heppy Life?

We offer online therapy and coaching to those who need primary mental health care related to mild depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, burn-out and relationship issues. Having an online coach can help you cope with daily challenges in life, identify your goals, work on a realistic plan to achieve them and maximise your full potential.


We focus on millennials who find themselves in a ‘quarter-life-crisis’, because they are struggling with major life events like graduating, work, living on their own, shifts in close relationships, getting married, have children, parenthood and many other changes. Besides, growing up with social media, which fuels envy, comparison and competition, doesn't make any of those life events any easier. 

There are many mental health institutions where (online) therapy is provided. However, not all of them spend their time effectively on clients, because of bureaucratic and other administrative responsibilities. At Heppy Life, we are able to give our clients our full attention professionally, efficiently and creatively. Furthermore, Heppy Life focuses on teaching skills to cope with psychological problems as well as preventing them in the future by putting mental health promotion on the map.

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