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Heppy Life separates treating mental illness from promoting mental health. Together we can find out which one deserves more attention or suits your needs best. 

Disclaimer: In case we believe you would benefit more from specialised care, we will advise you to seek help at secondary mental health institutions as they may be more appropriate for you. 

Our Approach

If you decide to give it a try, the first step would be to book a free introduction Chat/Call . After getting to know each other, we can work out a plan that suits your needs best. You’ll still have the option to withdraw if you don’t think we’re a good match. If you decide to continue, there are two things you can do. You either book Single sessions which means you decide the frequency and type of contact (either Live Chat or Live Audio/Video Call).

Or you want us to be involved more regularly and choose for a subscription with fixed amount of Messages, Chats and Calls. By keeping in touch on a daily basis, you will have a professional by your side at moments you need the most.  


You can book single Live Chat sessions or Live Audio/Video Calls below. For more information about subscriptions, head over to the Subscriptions page.